Every old house comes soaked in myth. So a century-old home has its fair share. In the 1890s, the beautiful wife of a British army officer fell in love with the village of Gethia and decided to put out roots. The entire hillside belonged to her, and she chose the best spot to site her house. This is today Two Chimneys.

A retinue served her well. She was a statuesque woman who wore breeches, rode horses and was never seen in public without her double-barreled gun. The locals – in awe – dared not cross her line of vision. When she died in the 1940s, she left the house to her faithful retainer. It was from his descendants that we bought the house in 1999.

Legend envelops the place. It is said Gandhiji had tea here in 1936 while on his way to the Bhowali Sanatorium to see Kamala Nehru; and that the hunter-conservationist Jim Corbett was a friend of the lady of the house and often came visiting.

We have converted the charming cottage into a beautiful living space, a home away from home, for you. Treat it as a bed & breakfast or a lodge where you can spend a few days de-stressing. We are in Nainital, but comfortably away from the clutter.


The house has innumerable little corners and hide-outs where guests can rejuvenate mind and soul.


At the heart of the house, on the ground floor, the living room includes dining area and living room, both with magnificent, fireplaces beneath old rafters. Sit at the bar, idle around the fireplace, have a hearty family meal at the high table.


Revel in the water, laze on the wooden deck and let nature heal you. The central space of the house, sun kissed in winters and shaded by trees in summers, is a magnet, making it impossible to move away.


Clash with friends over a game of pool or ping pong, or cheer your favourite team or watch old classic movies (and some new ones too!) sitting around the television set. The warm, completely wooden shed has the feel of an old clubhouse where you can chill on your own or with friends and family.


The last point of the estate, the two large terraces lie under the shade of an old pine and offer a fantastic vista of a series of valleys all the way to the plains.  A quiet haven to have a beer, eat, read, and watch dinky vehicles wind their way up the snaking mountain roads.


Taking inspiration from travels along the Mediterranean cliffs, the new wing ‘The Ridge Bungalow’ is defined by its stucco walls. Approached by a tunnel-like walkway from the pool deck, the Ridge Bungalow sits elevated on the mountain spur, with vast lawns rolling out in front of it.


An old world library lined with books and furnished with comfortable sofas. Just the place to read a book with a drink by your side. Intimate and warm, it’s exactly where you would want to spend a few hours on a relaxing weekend vacation. It’s time to catchup on that book you’ve been carrying around!


The eleven beautifully-crafted and elegantly-furnished guest rooms at Two Chimneys overlook the serene valley and lush landscape of the Kumaon. Each guest room is distinct in character and style, and exhibits the rich history of this century-old house.



A capacious suite with a bedroom, a sitting room, a sprawling bathroom overlooking the Bhumiadar valley, and a gorgeous, sun-kissed loft. Outside the windows of the sitting room stands the namesake, 200-year-old deodar.


A luxurious suite, with a private lawn and a bright sun-room, this is a happy family place. Lie in bed and watch the sun set and be replaced by the twinkling lights of the Jeolikote valley. Bathe in the old stone-walled bathroom or walk down the private steps to the path leading to Land’s End. This is perhaps the best sited suite in the lodge.


Perched over the Jeolikote valley, overlooking the front lawns and connected to the first-floor living room, the aptly-named Nest boasts of a wide balcony and french windows though which sunshine pours in through the day. This little haven can host two people.



Harking back to an era when thick stone walls made up tower like structures at one corner of a castle – this room gets its name from the quaint turret of the shower area. The wide vistas of the emerald lawns come up right to the room windows. Touches of blue, a solid wood floor and a charming, little fireplace are the delights of this room.


No prizes for guessing what the view is from this room. Pristine white walls with solid red fabric accessories and a bank of windows in front of the magical floating bed compel guests to laze in bed for hours on end. Its earthy bathroom is carved into the mountain side, and a private little lawn makes this room a much coveted one.


Initially conceived as a wine cellar, this room has a tunnel-like porthole through the mountain to give ventilation to the curved bathroom. The room’s rounded walls have been built along the mountain’s edge, keeping the natural contours of the land intact. Utterly quaint!



The first lived-in room of the house, it has royal beds that can easily sleep four, and a massive, airy loft that looks out on to The Deck from one end and offers views of Nainital from the other! The windows of the bathroom open out to the valley below.


Running from the heart of the house to its outer edge, its bedroom overlooks the Olive Court and The Deck. The little annexe to the room, furnished with a day bed, provides complete privacy. A small, cosy sleeping loft can accommodate two children, while a private balcony offers sun and breeze. Perfect for a family of two or four.


Originally an adjunct to the main house, it was where the goats were tied to keep them safe from the leopard. The name’s the same, but the space has been transformed into a glowing suite, that allows in pouring sunshine, and looks out on to greenery everywhere.



Originally planned as a study, this beautiful, little room has a fireplace and a private sit-out that has a scintillating view of the valley. The all-stone bathroom has a fig tree growing through it, and glass walls that let you feel like you’re out in the open. Just the room for the happy couple.


This room gets its name from an olive tree brought as a sapling from Italy, and planted outside its doors.It is a cozy double room with a pristine white bathroom, mother of pearl lights, and the shimmer and splash of water outside.


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